Shhhh… Are you a Fiscal Cheater? – Financial Infidelity

Are you cheating on your spouse, financially?  If you were to get a divorce or lose your spouse, would you have a grasp on your family finances or is your spouse keeping financial secrets?   in·fi·del·i·ty infəˈdelədē noun  The action … Continue reading

01. June 2015 by Kelly Thames
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A Better Lawyer SAVES You Money

I recently had to visit my mechanic to have some car trouble repaired and I was reminded of the important but sometimes forgotten point that some mechanics are just BETTER than other mechanics (just like some family lawyers are just … Continue reading

12. May 2015 by Peter Olson
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“I just want half…” – Financial Matters

In a marriage, there is often one spouse that managed the finances and the family budget. During a divorce, it is important for the spouse that has not paid attention to finances to now get up to speed and pay attention … Continue reading

07. April 2015 by Kelly Thames
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Illegal Kidnapping by Parent

How to Get Your Kids Back! I was in court this week on another illegal child kidnapping case where one parent snatched a child from the other primary parent and ran off to another state. Our client, the father, had … Continue reading

14. March 2015 by Peter Olson
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Valentine’s Day: An Expectation Holiday

Valentine’s Day Expectations vs. Reality Although many deride Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark Holiday”, existing primarily for commercial purposes, Valentine’s Day expectations for others are high with dreams of romantic gestures and ultimate dates.  It can be one of the … Continue reading

03. February 2015 by Kelly Thames
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