Keep Calm and Call Your Lawyer

Keep Calm and Call Your Lawyer

There was a photo blog post this month on the Huffington Post entitled, “Funny T-Shirts: 13 Ridiculous Shirts To Wear Post-Split“. One t-shirt was a variation of the World War II era  saying, “Keep Calm and Carry On” that read, “Keep Calm and Call Your Lawyer“.   Pretty sound advice for a humorous t-shirt. Don’t let your Ex provoke you into an argument or fight, verbal or physical. Keep calm, walk away and call your lawyer.

If there are kids involved, you may need to respond before you can talk to your attorney. Try text messaging or emailing but remove the accusations and negativity from your responses. Keep the tone neutral and provide the factual information needed to make an informed request or response. Remember, escalating the conflict into a shouting match or accusation battle will not solve anything. Keep calm.

And call your lawyer.


06. November 2012 by Peter Olson
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