Here’s a Way that We Help Grandparents Have More Time With Their Grandchildren

grandparentsSome 40 million Americans and approximately 13% of the U.S. population are persons over the age of 65. I’ll bet there’s a lot of grandmothers and grandfathers in that group. Sadly, some of those grandparents can’t see their own grand-kids. Frequently this happens because of a break-up or disagreement between the children’s parents and then oftentimes an entire side of the family gets cut-out of the lives of children who love them and NEED THEM!

We can help you have more time with your grandchildren.

We’ve recently gotten extensive grandparent visitation ordered in a case where the mother of 1 and 2-year-old kids died suddenly and then the father totally cutoff the grandmother and the deceased mother’s siblings from the two children’s lives. So two cute little kids went from seeing their grandma and aunts on a weekly basis to NO CONTACT. Relatives who loved these kids were removed from their lives in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, the grandmother is a co-worker of one of our former clients and she contacted the Chicago Family Law Group, LLC. We filed her Petition to Establish Grandparent Visitation and now grandma has holidays and vacations and a number of days each week with her grandchildren.

When is a grandparent entitled to visitation with grandchildren?

  • When a parent is deceased, incarcerated, or on active duty military.
  • When parents were never married and are separated.
  • When the grandparent previously had possession of the grandchildren for more than 6 months.

Those are a few of the big areas where grandparent visitation is possible (other scenarios exist too). The past relationship between the grandparent and grandchild/children is critical too. If that relationship had previously been extensive and the loss of that relationship would have a big negative impact on the minor, grandchild that’s a case where a court would order grandparent visitation.

13. September 2013 by Peter Olson
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