Valentine’s Day: An Expectation Holiday

Valentine’s Day Expectations vs. Reality

Although many deride Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark Holiday”, existing primarily for commercial purposes, Valentine’s Day expectations for others are high with dreams of romantic gestures and ultimate dates.  It can be one of the most depressing days of the year, especially when reality does not meet expectations.

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‘D’ Day

Did you know that break-ups spike after Valentine’s Day? In fact, it is colloquially known as ‘D’ Day – Divorce Day. Couples that are struggling usually try to make it through the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season. But the New Year comes with resolutions to make self-improvements. Those resolutions may be to try and save your marriage or they may be to start a new and healthier chapter of your life by getting a divorce.  If the resolution is the former, then Valentine’s Day can add a lot of pressure. Depending on the actions of the spouse on Valentine’s Day, that could seal the deal on whether people decide that the marriage is worth saving or it is time to file for divorce.


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Broken Conversation Hearts

Divorce should be handled like a business decision, if possible. If the communication in your relationship has broken down to the point that you want a divorce, it may not be the best time to break it to your spouse. During this strong spike in emotions, it is important to talk to a lawyer first, before communicating your desire for divorce to your spouse.  And, as always, watch your social media usage. Don’t air your dirty laundry and broken heart on Facebook or Twitter. Social media is being used more often in divorce cases. Don’t be a statistic!

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