The Ashley Madison Hack


They are calling it a boon to divorce attorneys., an online dating website for married people to have illicit affairs has been hacked. It has been confirmed that hackers have leaked a massive amount of information, including user names, first and last names, street names and phone numbers, and 35 million email addresses, among other information.

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Apparently several websites have set up searchable databases to find out whether an email address was used to set up an Ashley Madison account. Undoubtedly, many of the names and addresses are likely fake and many people may use “burner” email accounts, but many internet users have a blind faith that the internet is a secure place to put personal information, a reality confirmed by the reported 15,000 email addresses hosted by US government and military servers using the .gov and .mil top-level domains.  In fact, according to many sources, the email addresses used could mean that the email owner created the account or it could mean that someone used that person’s email address to create a fake account. I imagine that a lot of curious people have set up fake accounts just to take a peek at the controversial website and have never used it to start affairs. I wonder how many divorce attorneys created accounts to see if they wanted to advertise their law firm on the site…

It is very likely that this may lead to an increase in marriages ended. At Chicago Family Law Group, LLC, we do not take ending marriage lightly. This hack will damage many lives. Many people handle extra-marital affairs privately, in their own way. Sometimes it ends up in divorce and sometimes it is dealt with through counseling or through private discussions, sometimes resulting in forgiveness and remaining together. Some couples choose to actively ignore their spouse’s extra-marital affairs, as long as it is discreet. With this public information dump, much of the privacy of dealing with infidelity has been stripped away. Co-workers, friends, and family members may learn of the affairs. Children may find out about their parent’s infidelity. Ultimately, this dump will narrow the choices a spouse normally has in how to handle the extra-marital affair, and many people will be immensely hurt by this.

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20. August 2015 by Kelly Thames
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