How to NOT Waste Time & $$$ in Your Divorce

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Here’s the trick:

Eliminate the two-thirds (2/3s) of your case that are often TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

This sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? But like weight loss which is also pretty simple, it’s NOT EASY. But it is possible and I’m going to tell you how…

There are 3 ‘parts’ to most divorce cases and 1 of those parts is really important, but 2 of the parts are not as important and can be eliminated oftentimes and there’s the trick. The 3 parts of a case are as follows:

  1. Temporary Matters. Temporary simply means what is the set-up while the case is active in court and prior to a final divorce judgment being entered. Meaning is the court ordering things like temporary child support, temporary spousal support, and/or temporary attorney’s fees in the 12-18 months while your divorce case is pending in court.
  2. Discovery or General Investigating. Legal discovery means the power to force a party to answer written questions and turnover financial data or sometimes it’s taking a party’s deposition. Sometimes this can mean studying the home’s of parents in child custody cases or doing mental health or custody evaluations in contested child custody cases.
  3. Final Judgment. This is the IMPORTANT one and the one that can’t be eliminated.  Here’s where I’m talking about the final judgment of divorce that includes important and major provisions concern financial matters, property division, and terms concerning post-divorce parenting. This can involve critical terms that you’ll need to live with for 15 years and often involve financial terms where thousands and sometimes millions of dollars are at stake.

So the advice to SAVE time and money is to maintain the status quo in terms of how things are being paid for while a case is proceeding. Simply because you and your husband are going through a divorce or separating doesn’t mean that one parent must stop paying for food or rent. We have to bring temporary motions re:  child support or spousal support when one parent cuts-off the other parent out-of-the-blue (but it doesn’t have to happen this way). And secondly, extensive discovery and investigation must occur only when one spouse all of a sudden loses access to accounts and log-in information or sometimes one spouse just wasn’t involved in financial matters as much too…that likely is a time when some investigating is necessary.

Items #1 and #2 above can consume MONTHS of time in your divorce case and they’re often avoidable.

17. February 2016 by Peter Olson
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