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College? How will you pay?

Your high school student has likely received his or her college acceptance letters for regular admission. In divorce, post- divorce, or parentage cases in Illinois, the Court can order parents to assist their children with their college expenses. In previous posts, we have … Continue reading

08. April 2016 by Kelly Thames
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Celebrating the holidays after a divorce or separation

The holidays can be joyful times for many, but for the recently divorced or separated, they can also be painful times, especially if you are spending it alone for the first time or the kids have to split their holidays … Continue reading

15. December 2015 by Kelly Thames
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“I just want half…” – Financial Matters

In a marriage, there is often one spouse that managed the finances and the family budget. During a divorce, it is important for the spouse that has not paid attention to finances to now get up to speed and pay attention … Continue reading

07. April 2015 by Kelly Thames
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How to Get the Most Out of Child Custody Mediaton

Illinois Supreme Court Rules require that parties in divorce and parentage cases MUST attend mediation when there are issues involving custody, visitation, or the removal of a child to another state. Every county’s court system has a part of their … Continue reading

17. October 2014 by Peter Olson
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